Taiwan Tobacco Control Annual Report 2015 台灣菸害防制年報(英文版)

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  • 內容:Taiwan Tobacco Control Annual Report 2015 台灣菸害防制年報(英文版) 1. Reducing Tobacco Demand(1) Non-price MeasuresSmoke-free Supportive EnvironmentsPicture and text warnings on tobaccoPromotion and TrainingBan on Tobacco Advertising Promotions, and SponsorshipsSmoking cessation Services(2) Pricing measuresAssessing the increase the tobacco health and welfare surchargesThe nessessity to revise the laws and increase tobacco health and welfare surchargesActual Methods for Increasing Tobacco Health and Welfare Surcharges 2. Reducing Tobacco Supply(1) Evaluating the Evaluating Effectiveness of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act (2) Prohibiting the Illicit Trade of Tobacco Products 3. Research, Monitoring, and International Exchange(1) Research and monitoring(2) Tobacco ingredients disclosure and regulations(3) International collaboration 4. Conclusions5. Appendix
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