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跟拍亂丟菸蒂 檢舉達人最高月入四十五萬 ( Taipei Times )

發佈日期: 2015-04-20

With “professional” informers an omnipresent force, addicts can no longer indiscriminately dispose of their cigarette butts. Five years ago a professional informer from Hsinchu crossed into Miaoli County to seize on cigarette butt litterers. In one month the informer received NT$ 450,000 in rewards.
In a report by the Chinese-language United Daily News, the director of Miaoli County Environmental Protection Bureau Sanitation Management Division, Chiang Sen-wei stated that, according to the regulations governing rewards for informing on illegally discarded matter in place at that time, the informant could take half the imposed fine as a reward. Chiang said this method of giving out rewards has been in place for eight years, during which time it has attracted a large number of professional informers. The highest amount made by the Hsinchu informer in one month was NT$ 450,000, said Chiang, although later on the amount gradually decreased month on month, since the public didn’t wish to spend any more of their money on fines.
Director of the Taipei City Government Department of Environmental Protection Sanitation Division Wu Wen-yuan also said that due to the stricter Revised Tobacco Hazards Act, in the last two years alone, the number of prosecutions following the crack down on discarded cigarette butts has increased by more than 10,000. Two-fifths of these cases were initiated by public informers and were in crowded public spaces, where it is easier be caught discarding a cigarette butt.
(Liberty Times, Translated By Edward Jones)
據《聯合報》報導,苗栗縣環保局環境衛生管理科長江森緯表示, 根據當時「檢舉違反廢棄物清理案件獎勵辦法」,檢舉人可拿一半的罰鍰當獎金,獎勵辦法實施八年,期間吸引不少檢舉達人,而這名新竹市的檢舉人一個月最高領走四十五萬元,不過後來就逐月遞減,因為民眾不想再花錢繳罰單了。