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發佈日期: 2012-03-27





(Health)Some New Reasons to Quit Smoking

Its not just about cancer and heart disease.

There arent many people out there who wouldnt argue that smoking is bad for you. But not everyone knows just how bad a habit it is. Smoking will not only increase your chances of dying at an early age, it will also affect your life in many different ways.

Many smokers light a cigarette when they feel stressed. The only problem is that smoking will increase your overall levels of stress, so smokers will feel stressed more often. Non-smokers are also able to concentrate better. This is because smokers have less oxygen in their bodies, which means they cant focus as well.

Your appearance will also improve if you give up smoking. Smoking doesnt just turn your teeth yellow, it actually makes them fall out. And thats not all, smokers skin also gets old more quickly. Research shows that non-smokers are three times better looking than smokers.