2021 Health Promotion Administration Annual Report 2021國民健康署年報英文版

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  • 內容:Answering the call of the WHO, the HPA plans health promotion policies for all citizens in different stages of life and actively builds a health supporting environment. The concrete achievements in 2020 were. In terms of women and child health work, together with the Ministry of Education and local governments, the Nursery Health Promotion Expanded Trial Program was promoted and early intervention child health measures implemented. A total of 100 nurseries were recruited to address the four issues of visual health, accidental injury prevention, dietary nutrition and healthy body. Health handbooks and health education handbooks for pregnant women and children were also comprehensively revised to make them easier to read and use. In the area of tobacco hazards prevention, besides strictly prohibiting e-cigarettes and encouraging local governments to draw up e-cigarette hazards prevention self-governing ordnances, the draft amendment of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act continues to be actively promoted and new tobacco products strictly controlled, amongst other things. Diverse smoking cessation and advocacy services are also provided. In 2020 alone, smoking cessation services were provided to 130,000 people and the 6-month cessation success rate was 29.5%, with over 41,000 people helped to quit smoking. With this success, we are moving towards the target of 30% reduction in smoking rate by 2030 set by the WHO.
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