Yi-ge in the online fitness class,essence version dementia-friendly micro-film in 30 seconds (失智友善微電影─憶哥健身篇:30秒精華版)

  • 登錄號:52069
  • 宣導品種類:多媒體
  • 發佈日期:2022-12-22
  • 發行單位:國民健康署
  • 作者:社區健康組
  • 關鍵字: #失智症 #失智友善 #失智友善社區
  • 內容:The protagonist Yi-ge (played by performing artist Jeffery Hsu as the elderly) performed in the online fitness class with unscripted made the coach (played by Hsing-Chun Kuo, an Olympic weightlifting gold medalist) keenly aware of his signs of dementia, and encourage him to seek diagnosis in clinic as soon as possible. Early detection and treatment of dementia can improve our quality of life. Care and support are also the best tool to detect what may seem to be symptoms of dementia in those friends, families and the elderly around us.
  • Youtube:https://youtu.be/G-KGYN6OpiE
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