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"2009年後台灣越來越少青少年抽菸"(yam news)

發佈日期: 2013-08-26


(Health) Taiwan Sees Fewer Teen Smokers Since 2009
According to studies, since 2009, when Taiwan introduced anti-smoking policies such as cigarette bans, the amount of teen smokers in the country has decreased.
Lead researcher, Song-Lih Huang of National Yang Ming University in Taipei, stated There was little effect on those who were regular smokers, but, It seemed to deter mostly teenagers who were experimenting with smoking.
Data on 100,000 junior high school students ages 13 to 15 was collected, both before and after the 2009 policy changes were implemented. The results showed a drop from 27% of students admitting to having tried smoking in 2004 to 23% in 2011, with students below age ten who have tried smoking decreasing from 38% to 28%.
The biggest results occurred after 2011, and amongst teens in rural areas, whereas those in urban areas showed less improvement. Children in urban areas actually reported an increase from 5% to 10% amongst boys who were current smokers, with statistics for girls remaining the same (at about 2%) between 2004 and 2011.
Taiwan bans cigarette ads in print media and convenience stores, has made almost all public places and schools smoke-free, and bans cigarette promotions, such as coupons or gifts. Graphic images can also be seen on cigarette packages, and cigarettes can only be purchased by adults.