2022 Health Promotion Administration Annual Report

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  • 發佈日期:2022-12-26
  • 發行單位:國民健康署
  • 作者:企劃組
  • 關鍵字: #國健署年報 #annual report #2022 HPA annual report
  • 內容:The concept behind the design of the HPA’s logo is an open hand with four fingers and a thumb across the palm. This configuration symbolizes that the HPA will “safeguard” all citizens. The 4Ps represented by the 4 fingers are Protection (protecting the health of all citizens from the effect of health hazards), Prevention (preventing disease through diet, exercise and screening), Promotion (promoting health by molding a healthy living environment and enhancing health options and equality), and Participation (joint participation in health promotion by all citizens).
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