2020 Health Promotion Administration Annual Report 2020國民健康署年報英文版

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  • 發佈日期:2020-12-02
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  • 內容:The policy objective of the HPA is to prevent the harm of non-communicable disease (NCD) and to carry out source management of risk factors (tobacco, alcohol, betel quid,unhealthy food, lack of exercise). To reduce the early death rate for the four main chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory system) affecting citizens in Taiwan and implement the UN SDGs, a health supporting environment has been established in workplaces, schools, communities and hospitals, etc. In cooperation with partners in different fields from Taiwan and overseas, with the needs of citizens as the starting point, we provide health policies and preventive screening covering mother and child health, tobacco hazards prevention, chronic disease prevention and cancer screening to mold healthy lifestyles. The concrete achievements in 2019 are as follows:
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