If You Lose Your Way (中文:如果你迷路)【英文版】

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  • 發佈日期:2022-12-22
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  • 作者:社區健康組
  • 關鍵字: #失智症 #失智友善 #失智友善社區
  • 內容:A person suffering from dementia looks no different to other people, and the typical symptoms include a decline in memory, sense of direction, ability for language, calculation, judgment, and problem-solving. This makes people with dementia vulnerable to misunderstandings, getting lost, risks in personal safety and financial management, and more. They gradually enter a state of helplessness and anxiety, as if being trapped in the deluge of time and losing themselves. It is difficult for the family or caregiver of a person with dementia to find their direction in life due to the daily frustrations, worries and heavy load from caregiving, and they may also lose their way.If you can detect what may seem to be symptoms of dementia in those around you early on, timely diagnoses and interventions can be made to slow down the symptoms from worsening. It is hoped that the moving story and content within this picture book will help people understand the ten major warning signs of dementia and the importance of timely diagnosis, help the public prevent and delay dementia, and that people can truly understand, empathize with, and care for dementia patients. By uniting the power of society, we have a decent chance to restore the dignity, autonomy, enabling them to be treated equally and happily as they head into the twilight of their lives. Let’s work together and create a dementia-friendly Taiwan.
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