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"未來菸販需登記才能營業"( yam news )

發佈日期: 2014-04-01

(商業) 未來菸販需登記才能營業

(Business) Registration of Cigarette Vendors Soon To Be Required
National Treasury Administration Director-General Joanne Ling recently stated, There is no country in which it is easier to get cigarettes than in Taiwan. The Ministry of Finance, however, hopes to change that fact, and is currently drafting amendments that will make registration a requirement for cigarette vendors.
The amendments will be submitted to the Executive Yuan and to the Legislative Yuan for approval, and will prohibit unregistered stalls from selling cigarettes. The law aims to prevent the illegal sale of cigarettes and reduce cigarette smuggling, cut cigarette sales to minors, and prevent erosion of the tax base.
Although there is skepticism in regards to how effectively the government will be able to enforce such a law, many see it as a positive step towards curbing the number of underage smokers and support its passing. Only shops with a business registration certificate will receive legal approval for cigarette sales, and unregistered sellers will face fines.
JTI Taiwan Corp estimates the number of betel nut stands and grocery stores to be approximately 55, 000 islandwide, making the task of enforcing the new regulations difficult for a limited number of inspectors.