Page 5 - Taiwan Tobacco Control Annual Report 2015 台灣菸害防制年報(英文版)
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               A comprehensive smoking cessation program, accompanied by
               promotional campaign

                    Cessation services offered by HPA were proven effective as they were evidence-based.  A total
               of 242,107 individuals sought services from the second generation smoking cessation program,
               and helped more than 67,000 smokers quit, with a success rate calculated at 27.9% by the end of 6
               months. These accomplishments saved NT$ 360 million from short-term health insurance alone and
               provided a gain of NT$ 28.1 billion from long-term social economic benefits.
                    A total of 15,387 smokers called the Quit-line in 2014, with a success rate of 38.71% at the
               end of 6 months. A total of 474 smoking cessation classes were held, which were attended by 6,027
               smokers. As many as 8,707 training sessions were held, with14,861-individuals successfully passed
               the basic and advanced tobacco cessation training programs. Smoking cessation services were
               offered by more than 3,000 healthcare institutions or community pharmacies. Service volume grew by
               nearly 30% compared to the same period last year.
                    In addition, HPA developed "5 tricks to help quit ", emphasizing the role of "Exercise",
               "Commitment", "Analysis", "Showing off", and "Exploration". The "Quit Bag", specifically designed
               by world-class designer Mr. Ching-yang Hsiao  complemented the attainment of the new smoke-free

               Tobacco-free hospitals in Taiwan, another accomplishment winning the
               most medals in Asia Pacific region

                    Taiwan established the Asia Pacific Regional Network for the ENSH-Global Network for
               Tobacco-free hospitals in 2011. Within a period of 4 years, over 179 hospitals  joined the ENSH-   005
               Global network. The ENSH Global Network started to offer International Gold-Level Medals in 2009,
               with only 27 hospitals received certifications globally so
               far. Taiwan started to apply for the International Gold-
               Level Reward as of 2012, and by 2014,  11 hospitals in
               Taiwan won such coveted GOLD ENSH medals, making
               Taiwan with the highest number of Gold-Level certified                                              From the Director-General
               tobacco-free hospitals in the world.

               Cutting smoking rate within this decade
                    Taiwan set up a goal of lowering smoking rate from
               20% to 10% for adults by 2020. Through the policy of
               cigarette price increase, known as the most effective way
               for tobacco control, HPA strives to safeguard the health and
               well-being of people in Taiwan. This Tobacco Control Annual
               Report for 2015, capitalizing on the MPOWER strategies
               developed by the WHO FCTC (Framework Convention on
               Tobacco Control), highlighted some of the success tobacco
               control stories in Taiwan, including curbing the demand for
               tobacco, promoting the international exchanges and de-
               normalizing the smoking culture. We hope you find the
               report enjoyable.

               Health Promotion Administration, 2015
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