Page 10 - Taiwan Tobacco Control Annual Report 2015 台灣菸害防制年報(英文版)
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against smoking. With the exception of specific areas due to its characteristics, expanded non-
                smoking areas and smoke-free environments at bus lanes, bus stops, and pedestrian pavements
                around campuses were established. Tobacco control audits and consultation have been strengthened
                as well, with areas described in this section designated as key audit locations. In order to prevent
                non-smokers from being exposed to hazards caused by second hand smoke in areas where smoking
                has yet to be prohibited, local health departments also worked with multiple agencies to reach
                community-level consensus, where a specific outdoor location of an area would be designated as
                the smoking area, thus establishing a smoke-free environment to protect people from the hazards of
                second hand smoke.
                     To create a smoke-free environment, the social environment must be made more conducive
                for people to refuse the hazards of smoking. The HPA thus utilized advertisements on televisions,
                radio broadcasts, and magazines as well as social networks and multimedia promotion. Smokers are
                reminded to quit their smoking habits by raising their awareness on smoking hazards, appealing from
                family members and friends, and experiences from successful smoking cessation cases. The HPA
                has also released news on smoking cessation service, and monitoring videos, and images on how
                they depicted tobacco products, and press conferences to increase public awareness on the hazards
                of tobacco products to achieve our goal of a smoke-free environment.

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        AN T
                ● Mobile announcement for the new policy: “with the exception of   ●  Smoke-free bus stop at a bus lane in Taipei City
                  smoking areas, smoking is prohibited in all parks and green lawns” at a
                  kindergarten in Gueiren District, Tainan City



                ●  Complete prohibition of smoking in the Taichung City BRT station  ●  Complete prohibition of smoking in the Taichung City BRT station
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