Signing Taiwan Health Declaration - A New Chapter for Oral Healthcare

  • Resource: Department of Mental and Oral Health
  • Release date: 8/23/2019 2:47:13 PM

  Taiwan WHA Action Team convened the International Summit of Geriatric Dentistry for Aging Society in Taiwan last year concurrently with the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Swiss and signed the Declaration of the International Summit on Geriatric Dentistry for Taiwan’s Aging Society. This year, the Ministry of Health and Welfare will hold the 2019 Global Oral Health Conference in collaboration with the Taiwan Dental Association on May 3-4 in The Splendor Hotel Taichung, around the theme of “Total patient care”. Apart from discussing oral health care issues for all ages and the outlook for oral care with international specialists and scholars, Taiwan may also take this opportunity to showcase its excellent achievements in oral healthcare in recent years.

  World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed the theme of “Oral Health for a Healthy Life”, which means that oral diseases have a significant impact on the overall health. For example, periodontal disease is bilaterally correlated with diabetes and the number of teeth in mouth is inversely related to the risks of dementia. Therefore, oral problems should not be taken lightly as problems that affect only part of the body. As Taiwan becomes an aging society, integrated care that includes oral care has become a pressing need. As a result, oral health issues must be taken into considerations when the government drafts policies related to the overall health promotion.

  The agenda for the Conference covers topics such as public oral health policies for all age groups, the correlation between oral and other diseases, and dental care issues. The two-day conference is expected to attract more than three hundreds local and international dental specialists and public health scholars.

  Director-general Wang of Health Promotion Administration, Deputy Director-general Tsai of National Health Insurance Administration, and Deputy Director-general Lee of Social and Family Affairs Administration are invited to discuss important oral policies in Taiwan in the Conference, such as quitting smoking and betel nut chewing, health care effectiveness of the National Health Insurance system, and the implementation of denture subsidies for seniors. International guests of honor are also invited, including Bettina Borisch, representative of World Foundation of Public Health Association; Raman Bedi, professor at the Dental Institute of the King’s College, London; and Hideo Kawahara, senior dentist at the Japan Society of Aesthetic Dentistry, to talk on topics related to public oral health.

  It is noteworthy that representatives from The World Federation of Public Health Associations will bear witness to the signing of Taiwan Health Declaration by Minister Chen of Health and Welfare on the opening ceremony, which will open up a new chapter for Taiwan’s oral health care.

The abstract of Declaration:

  1. Apply a „‘health & oral health‘ in all policies“ approach in the whole-of-government & whole-of-society actions in prevention & control of NCDs; take consequences and benefits in oral health into consideration in health impact assessment.
  2. Integrate oral health screening, prevention and promotion into the planning and delivery of primary health care to assure equitable and holistic provision of oral health for all.
  3. Integrate oral health into health promoting services and activities in all types of settings, such as nurseries, schools, workplaces, long-term care institutions, army, prisons, etc.
  4. Integrate oral health into holistic health and vice versa in professional education, training and research.
  5. Integrate oral health into the efforts for legislative action on general public health including the legislation on tobacco control, harmful alcohol use, nutrition and obesity prevention, UHC, etc.
  6. Explicitly demonstrate syndemics of oral, general and social health throughout the life course in public health education, training, policy development, actions and evaluation.

  It is hoped that the quality of oral health promotion in Taiwan will be elevated through the exchanges and sharing in the Conference. The Ministry also aspires to provide more comprehensive oral health care for the pubic by keeping up with the advanced countries in terms of oral health policies.

Data Source:Department of Mental and Oral Health