Count Down to 2018 GHF Taiwan: New Challenges and Opportunities

  • Resource: MOHW
  • Release date: 11/6/2018 4:15:32 PM

The “2018 Global Health Forum in Taiwan” (GHF Taiwan), jointlyorganized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) and the Ministryof Foreign Affairs (MOFA), will be held at Howard Civil ServiceInternational House from October 28th to 29th. This year, PresidentTsai Ing-wen will be invited to speak at the opening ceremony andlaunch the grand opening of the forum. The theme this year is“Resilience: New Challenges and Opportunities for Global Health”.In-depth discussions will be held among experts and scholars fromcountries and regions around the world. They will also discuss otherhealth issues including “International Experience of Health EmergencyResponse Systems to Natural Disasters”, “The Prospect of a National HPVVaccine Program”, “Health Literacy”, and “The Global Burden of Disease(GBD): Taiwan`s Perspective”. The goal of global efforts is to buildresilient communities and a supportive health environment toeffectively respond to the crisis of aging and chronic disease. Theconference this year will also arrange a ministerial round-tablemeeting, inviting deputy health ministers from 10 participatingcountries to share their development experiences and concepts insustainability and inclusiveness, which is expected to illuminate theforum.

With strong support from international friends, domestic experts andscholars, GHF Taiwan is marching towards its 14th year. It has won agood international reputation and successfully built up the Taiwanbrand. This year, as many as 12 ministerial and vice-ministerial levelofficials from diplomatic allies and friendly nations are participatingin the event, with 68 distinguished guests and internationally renownedexperts, the highest in number so far. Among them are representativesfrom 34 countries including Kiribati, Palau, Haiti, Nauru, Russia,Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia, Myanmar, Tuvalu,Thailand, Singapore, Japan, eSwatini, Vietnam, Nicaragua, SolomonIslands, Philippines, United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium,Switzerland, United Kingdom and Malaysia. Additionally, in the area ofinternational health, leaders in various health fields are alsoattending, including the World Federation of Public Health Associations(WFPHA), the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and theUnited States Agency for International Development (USAID),highlighting the close relationship of Taiwan with global healthnetworks and the extent of international recognition of Taiwan’s healthachievements.

Resilience is one of the priority development policies of the WorldHealth Organization (WHO) to improve health for all. It also plays anindispensable role in achieving the United Nations SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs). The theme of 2018 GHF Taiwan, “Resilience:New Challenges and Opportunities for Global Health”, plans discussionfrom global, regional and national perspectives; its parallel forumwill explore the current status and future planning in variouscountries, including international experiences of health emergencyresponse systems, the recovery of mental health resilience afterdisasters, the global perspective on human impact and mass reaction tothe HPV vaccination program, the retrospection and outlook for oralhealth care for the elderly, health knowledge and health care for theelderly, health promotion issues from the perspectives of global healthor the Asia-Pacific region, and the global disease burden as resourcesfor decision making - experiences from global networks, etc. The MOHWsaid that by holding this regular, annual forum, our country is able todiscuss issues of international concern with officials and scholarsfrom all over the world. Through interaction and discussions frommultiple angles by the industry, government and academia worldwide, ithopes to unlock a new vision of sustainable development of health, andprovide references for the formulation of our health policy. Forrelevant agenda and information about the forum, please refer to itsofficial website: www.ghftw.org.