Taiwan FDA holds the “Conference on Medical Devices Evaluation Technology of Asia” 【Date:2018-10-19】

  • Resource: TFDA
  • Release date: 10/26/2018 2:18:01 PM

In order to strengthen the partnership between Taiwan and Associationof Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the field of medical deviceevaluation technology and promoting the New Southbound Policy, TaiwanFood and Drug Administration (TFDA) holds the“Conference on MedicalDevices Evaluation Technology of Asia” on October 19, 2018, atKaohsiung Exhibition Center’s Room 304a. It is estimated thatapproximately 80 participants from the industry groups, regulatorybodies, academic institutions, and research organizations has joinedthe conference.
    In this conference, TFDA invites expertsknowledgeable in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand to be speakers forintroducing the latest 3D printing, implantable medical device and thecurrent situation of the ASEAN medical device market in thesecountries. It is hoped that this will help medical device manufacturersto better understand the medical device research and development ofthese countries, and thus enhance the international cooperation andmarketing, as well as not only strengthen the competitiveness in globalmarket for Taiwan medical device industry but also promote cooperationin evaluation technology in the field of biomedical engineering.