Inspection and Labeling Management for manufacturers of Antrodia cinnamomea food products in Taiwan

  • Resource: TFDA
  • Release date: 11/26/2018 1:17:55 PM

Antrodia cinnamomea (AC), a unique, rare fungus species which is nativeto Taiwan, demonstrates significant and specific health benefits. Withits edible parts including the fruiting body and mycelium, AC is usedin the formulation of many dietary supplements such as powders,tablets, and capsules. However, several studies indicate high doses ofAC may induce adverse effects on cells and may be toxic to human body.Therefore, safety issues of the AC food products must be addressed.Regarding these concerns, TFDA will work in conjunction with localhealth bureaus to initiate “The inspection project of manufacturers ofAntrodia cinnamomea food products in 2019” (The inspection project in2019), the goal of which is to ensure that the AC food products meetthe safety requirements under the Act Governing Food Safety andSanitation (the Act).

The aim of the inspection project in 2019 is also to investigate themanufacturing plants of the AC food products. The comprehensive checksof such AC firms include food production and process controls, theregistration requirements of food businesses, the permit documents ofAC materials, the labeling of food products, and the regulatorycompliance of good hygiene practices (GHP) for foods by the foodbusinesses. If manufacturers or products demonstrate violations of theAct, punishments shall be applied.
      TFDA strongly recommends that the foodbusinesses shall implement self-management. Thus, in order to complywith the “Antrodia cinnamomea food production controls and labelingregulations”, the food businesses must prepare the permitted documentsbefore attempting to market AC products. They must clearly labeladvisory warnings regarding the fruiting body and/or mycelium of AC andthe cultivation methods to ensure the product safety as well.