Taiwan CDC and PX Mart together urge the public to get flu shots(2018-11-01)

  • Resource: Taiwan CDC
  • Release date: 11/6/2018 4:12:51 PM

  The 2018 flu vaccination campaign has kicked off on October 15.To enhance people's willingness and awareness of receiving fluvaccination, Taiwan CDC once again held a press conference with PXMart. Taiwan CDC Deputy Director-General Chuang Jen-hsiang (莊人祥), PXMart COO Tsai Tu-chang (蔡篤昌), celebrity Miss Yang Chien-pei (楊千霈) andher daughter and mother-in-law attended the press conference andjointly encouraged eligible citizens to receive free flu shots toprotect the health of themselves and their family.

    Taiwan CDC Deputy Director-General Chuang Jen-hsiang(莊人祥) pointed out that influenza vaccination offers healthy adults70%-90% protection against the flu. It can also reduce 50%-60% ofcomplications and 80% of mortality rate caused by influenza in theelderly. To ensure people’s health, this year Taiwan CDC will beproviding 6 million doses of free vaccine, and 4,000 contracted clinicswill be available across the nation. Taiwan CDC is also grateful to PXMart, who set up 165 vaccination stations at its stores, making it moreconvenient for people to get vaccinated. This is a great model ofpublic-private partnership, and it is hoped that more companies willsupport this policy and join the cause of providing free flu shots,preventing diseases, and offering better resources to the society.

    Tsai Tu-chang, the COO of PX Mart said that PX Marthas always been serving the public; therefore, its President LinMin-hsiung (林敏雄) highly supports setting up vaccination stations. Thisyear, PX Mart not only increased the number of vaccination stations butalso offers a bottle of water and 3 kiwis to the first 100 people whoreceive flu shots every day. In addition, PX Mart has been advertisingthe free vaccination campaign through its marketing channels and hasalso been encouraging its employees to get flu shots.

    Miss Yang Chien-pei’s mother-in-law also receivedvaccination at the press conference. Yang said that she always paysattention to health conditions of the elderly in her family, so shecalled for everyone to remind the elderly to get vaccinated or, evenbetter, accompany them to get flu shots. Though her daughter was notable to get vaccinated on that day after being evaluated by a doctor,Yang said that she will definitely bring her to the clinic forvaccination afterward. Taiwan CDC would like to remind parents thatchildren above 6 months and below 9 years old should receive theirsecond dose of vaccine 4 weeks after the first dose, so as to gaincomprehensive protection.

    Taiwan CDC stressed that an annual seasonal fluvaccine is the best way to prevent influenza. Eligible citizens arerecommended to receive vaccination as soon as possible to lower therisk of infection. For more information on flu vaccination, please signup for Taiwan CDC’s LINE chatbot at https://goo.gl/BUFT1r and getanswers to your questions instantly. You can also refer to Taiwan CDC'swebsite at http:/ /www.cdc.gov.tw or call the toll-free CommunicableDisease Reporting and Consultation Hotline, 1922 (or 0800-001922). Forlocations of PX Mart’s vaccination stations, please visit PX Mart’swebsite at http://www.pxmart.com.tw/px/index.px.

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