Education Materials


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12050 Rare Disorders Series (97) Limb-girdle muscular dystrophyInfectious Disease Prevention
12260 HPV Vaccine FlyerCancer Prevention and Control
21628 The DIY manual to quit smoking.Infectious Disease Prevention
21629 Opening another window - release physical and mental bondages of drug addicts and free them from the fear of AIDS.Infectious Disease Prevention
21810 Alarming! May 13, 2016 Briefing the press conference on electric cigarettes containing formeldehyde, a grade one carcinogenInfectious Disease Prevention
21872 “Let’s get pretty! FDA shows you how to buy cosmetics wisely.” Health education brochure of cosmetics – 2015 editionSafety Promotion
21932 Learn about love – Guidelines of educational video of rape for less than 16-year-oldSexual Education
21977 Health Literacy Friendly Material Appraisal Indicators Use GuidelinesOther
21983 Discipline With Love To Raise Happy Kids- Positive Discipline For 0-6 Years OldChildren's Health
22009 National Citizens Physical ActivitiesHealth Physical Fitness