Taiwan Tobacco Control Annual Report 2009 台灣菸害防制年報(英文版)

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  • 發佈日期:2015-09-02
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  • 作者:菸害防制組
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  • 內容:Taiwan Tobacco Control Annual Report 2009Foreword 04Introduction 06Amendments andImplementation 081 Monitoring Tobacco Use and Prevention Policies 102 Secondhand Smoke Prevention 303 Smoking Cessation Assistance 584 Warnings on the Dangers of Tobacco Products 705 Enforcing Bans on Tobacco Advertising,    Promotion, and Sponsorship 726 Raising Taxes on Tobacco Products 787 International Exchange and Training 80Summary 95Appendix 96由於檔案過大,預覽部份僅前10頁欲詳全文請下載後解壓。 相關詞:products,tobacco control,annual report,prevention,policies,dangers,enforcing,training,use,warnings,raising,secondhand,amendments,bans,sponsorship,summary,taxes,assistance,cessation,implementation,introduction,monitoring,smoke,smoking,international,appendix,英文版,台灣菸害防制年報,菸害防制
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