Health Promotion


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11/06/2018 Improving Quality of Clinical Trials and Addressing Subjects’ Protection by Encouraging Research and Development of New Drugs 【Date:2018-10-31】
11/06/2018 Taiwan CDC and PX Mart together urge the public to get flu shots(2018-11-01)
10/26/2018 Taiwan CDC launches seasonal flu vaccination campaign on October 15; opera star Tang Mei-yun gets her flu shot and urges public to get immunized(2018-10-16)
10/12/2018 Travelers visiting areas affected by malaria urged to visit outpatient travel clinic before traveling and take precautions against mosquito bites during the travel
10/04/2018 As Taiwan CDC confirms 1 new imported Zika case, travelers returning from Zika-affected areas advised to take precautions against mosquito bites and follow the “1+6 Principle
10/04/2018 Taiwan CDC’s chatbot upgraded on its 1st birthday: Answering infectious disease-related questions via LINE
10/04/2018 Taiwan CDC, TEDxDaanPark and the Rotary Club of Taipei Voyagers jointly urge the public to get flu shots beginning October 15
09/21/2018 Imported egg products and animal oil products have subjected to conduct systematic inspection since January 1, 2019.
08/23/2018 Let’s check together with Love on Chinese Valentine’s Day!
07/12/2018 As indigenous dengue case reported in northern Taiwan and Typhoon Maria passes by Taiwan, public urged to empty and clean water containers to prevent vector breeding